About Online Shopping

Service times

Time is precious and it's only becoming more this way with every year that passes. We understand the importance of being able to not only easily order online, but to also have your products delivered in a timely manner. Hence why our delivery windows are as small as possible, starting within an hour of purchase. Timing is critical. To make the most out of lines such as freshly baked bread, croissants, muffins, quiches, pizzas, hot chickens etc., we also offer a “fresh on delivery” option. Essentially if you request this option as soon as a product has been prepared, such as straight out of the oven, we are organising to deliver it to your door.

About Online Shopping at IGA Youngtown Launceston

Delivery and pickup options

delivery-pickup-options.jpgWe offer three different services to ensure we are offering you the most convenient way to receive your products. Our delivery service is there to give you the option to receive your goods at your door, with the availability of having your order within an hour of ordering them. If you are looking for absolute certainty when you will have groceries you may opt for picking them up from the store. If you choose to collect your groceries from our store, you can either come into the store to collect them or alternatively, when you arrive at French’s carpark, give us a call to let us know that you have arrived and we will bring your groceries to your car - you don’t need to get out at all (this may suit parents who have children in the car - or maybe you just don’t want to get wet in the rain!).

Regular shoppers discount

When our regular shoppers purchase products in store they enjoy adding credit to their account to use with their next purchase. With our online store we are giving you that same discount straight off the same purchase. If you are new to the store and not a regular shopper yet, we still give you the same discount and get you to register later. Regular shopper will also find coupons with their groceries with specialised discounts tailored to their shopping habits. Just another reason that makes registering yourself as a regular shopper worthwhile.

Priority Treatment & Freshest of the Fresh

Every customer is important. However customers who order online have a massive advantage. It enables us to make your shopping experience extra special. We can make sure your bag of fresh product is farm fresh plus we will bake, fry or cook your takeaway products fresh for your pickup or delivery. This ensures you get the freshest of the fresh and gives us the best opportunity to ensure your entire order is fulfilled.

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Supreme Level of Security

We offer the highest level of certificate security possible to ensure our online store can be trusted and is authentic. Whilst most online stores use certificate security to safeguard connections between yourself and them, we have gone further to enhance our certificate to the highest level so that you truly know it is us behind our store.

Wide Variety of Secure Payment Options

We accept all credit cards offered through Visa, Mastercard and American Express with our entire business, not just our online payment system being PCI-DSS compliant. This essentially means we have implemented to a worldwide standard our security policies, technologies and ongoing processes that protect our payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data. For those that require an extra level of payment protection we also accept payment through Paypal, who offer an additional Buyers Protection scheme. We also cater to customers that would prefer to pay over the phone, and we have systems in place to cater for this situation.

Flexible No-Fuss Refund Policy

We have been running supermarkets for well over two decades and our reputation is important to us. Hence why we also understand that our customers are faces and people and we are more than happy to help sort any discrepancies in your order or non-satisfactory lines. Just give us a call.

IGA Youngtown Refund Policy

Friendly Support at Every Stage

We are here to support you at every stage of ordering and purchasing. If you require assistance, have a question about a product, or would like to request a new product, we are only a message or call away. No question is too small or too large and we are happy to help.

Phone Orders

Some customers are not ready to order through our Internet services. We are here to help and more than happy to take orders over the phone so that all customers can take advantage of our online store.