Sponsorship & Donation Policy

One of French’s guiding business principles, is to ensure that local communities benefit from our presence on an enduring basis.

Our vision is to aspire to the highest standards of business conduct, world-class treatment of our people, good relationships with communities and exemplary customer service.

We are keen to be involved in a wide range of community programs within our local area, as well as help promote healthy living with our support of community and sporting groups through sponsorship.

We want our customers to be assured that French’s supports their local community every time they shop with us.

However, we are not able to support everyone. If you are seeking sponsorship or donations, please help us help you and read our Sponsorship Guidelines set out below.

Our Sponsorship and Donation Policy is designed to support small to medium donations and sponsorships, including events. Please note, we are not able to provide cash donations; our support is through in-kind or product support only.

There are three areas in which eligible organisations can apply:

  1. Product Donation - This is a contribution to a worthy cause, which may be made without any expectation of a direct benefit to French's, other than to be an active and responsible corporate citizen.

  2. Sponsorship - This is an investment in an event or project where French’s expects a return on its investment.

  3. Event Assistance - This is an event you are organising where you would like a French's service, product or capability provided.

We aim to share support across a number of areas, such as:

  • Education

  • Children

  • Health

  • Sustainability

  • Welfare

  • Sport & Recreation Groups

To be eligible for an in-kind donation:

  • Your organisation MUST be a legal entity.

  • Your organisation MUST be not-for-profit.

  • Your projects MUST be able to demonstrate a community benefit.

The following requests will NOT be eligible for support:

  • Applications from individuals.

  • Applications from political organisations for political purposes.

  • Applications from religious organisations for religious purposes.

Eligibility for sponsorship 

  • Your applications needs to be submitted at least 4 weeks before your event, to allow us to properly prepare and plan (for example, if your event is in mid-March, please apply by the end of January).

  • Each application needs to include clearly stated objectives and measurable benefits to the community.

  • Each application should aim to deliver a strong return on investment for French's by providing appropriate media and sponsorship leverage opportunities according with French's level of investment.

  • Where possible, sponsorships will deliver opportunities for French’s staff to participate.

We will only sponsor activities that are consistent with our objectives to increase store awareness and benefit the local community.

Applicants may be requested to supply further information for us to properly understand your needs - please note, this will not necessarily mean a successful application.

All applicants will be advised within 10 working days as to whether or not they have been successful.

Sponsorship documentation from IGA Youngtown